Best Places to Visit in Dausa

Dausa is a beautiful small city situated in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. It lies at a near distance of 55km from Jaipur en route to NH-11. “Dev Nagari” is an alternate name for Dausa city. It has excellent archaeological attractions and could probably fill you with love for history.

Dausa city houses many tourist spots. Here listed below some of the famous tourist spots to improve your experience with the rich heritage of Dausa.

1. Abhaneri Chand Baori ( Stepwell)

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This step-well is one of the deepest step-wells in India. Going to a depth of 30 meters into the ground, it has 3500 narrow steps spread over 13 stories. The construction of this structure was intended to conserve water.

The bottom of the step-well experiences 5-6 degrees cooler temperature than the surface. The vibrant festive vibes of the “Abhaneri Festival” showcases cultural performance and gatherings.

2. Mehandipur Balaji Temple


This temple of Balaji in the Dausa district is one of the famous temples of northern India. Devotees from all over India believe that mental illness (mainly caused due to unnatural spirts) can be cured in this temple.

This temple is believed to provide exorcism from evil spirits and black magic. This temple is most crowded during Hindu festive seasons of Diwali and Holi.

3. Harshat Mata Temple


This temple is located in the Abhineri village adjacent to Chand Baori step-well. The temple is devoted to Harshat Mata, who is believed to be cheerful always.

The worshippers that visit here believe that Harshat Mata showers the blessings of joy and happiness. The eye-soothing landscape, along with architectural beauty, is a speciality of this temple.

4. Bhandarej Excavation Site


Bhandarej is a palace with a rich heritage. It is mostly famous for its attractive walls, garnishing latticework and terracotta vessels found in the extraction. The Bhandarej Baori is a three-story step-well which is famous here.

Another step-well known as Bara Baori is a five-story step-well which is believed to lead to a secret tunnel. It has beautiful arched windows, traditional paintings and beautiful courtyard.

5. Jhajhirampura


This small village is located in Dausa district, and it acts as a major centre of worship. It is famous for the Shiva Temple, Balaji Temple and the temples of other gods and goddesses.

It is quite well known for its water pool. The visitors here witness the continuous flow of water from Gaumukh. The water flows into a 5 feet deep pool in which people bathe.

6. Getolav Bird Habitat


Getolav Bird Habitat is a must-visit place. It accommodates many species of migratory birds. It was developed to store rainwater. The scenic lake view in the evening is too glamorous for the eye to capture.

The beautiful sunrise and sunset induce a positive and comforting vibe. A temple devoting to Sant Dadudayal and Sant Sundardas is present here. This adds a peaceful experience for the visitors.

7. Fort Madhogarh


Madhogarh is situated on a hilltop beside beautiful flower fields which entitles it as a picturesque fort. The fort is now used as a grand hotel which provides magnificent accommodation for the visitors.

The terrace illustrates a pleasant view, giving you the vibe of Rajasthan. The landscape is beautiful and can be cherished when accompanied by some soothing tea time. A central courtyard is a dignified place for local celebrations which add to your lovely experience.

8. Lotwara


Lotwara is a small village situated near Dausa city. Lotwaragarh Fort is the primary tourist attraction here. It provides a fantastic taste of scenic beauty. This village accommodates peacocks and is also referred to as “Peacock Town”.

Lotwara also presents diversity in food servings.

The listed tourism spots could surely provide you with a bewildering experience along with the astounding aura of Rajasthan and its rich heritage.